‘Xavier Decides To Stop A Killing’

In January 2001, freelancing for Mabuhay (Philippine Airlines’ in-flight magazine) and with not much else to do but watch the Erap impeachment trial, I started writing the draft of this tale about Love! Drama! Sex Scenes! Death! I’d complete it by March, but then things would happen–there was a new job, new shit to do. The manuscript disappeared somehow–or at least that was what I thought. Last month, playing around with my email archive, I had a wonderful surprise: the manuscript as a file attachment to an email I had sent to myself a decade ago. I didn’t even remember I used to send myself loving emails that would start with: “Dear JB, I hope you have finally bought that ‘make your penis bigger’ pill your unknown friends from Nigeria keep trying to sell you…”

In any case, here it is, slightly updated and revised for 2012. And despite what the cover might suggest, this is actually a love story, although not the kind that usually involves characters played by Jake Vargas and Barbie Forteza–but maybe in the future, when they’ve grown a bit darker and when Barbie actually turns 18.

Book cover of both the ebook and print versions.

Book description:

There’s only one thing Alberto Paredes wants: a second chance. With a girl who got away many years ago. But he has run out of time. And like most people who are out of time and who happen to be filthy rich, he asks a little help from his friends. Xavier enters the picture–without a job and desperate for personal redemption, he happens to have a lot of time in his hands. But little does he know that he will soon have to grapple with the thick, calloused horns of a dilemma–a dilemma that threatens to take away the things he holds dear and leaves him asking that most important Shakespearean question people ask themselves: why did he ever kiss that girl?

Xavier Decides To Stop A Killing–not your usual literary romance. You’ve been warned.

Get a copy of the book here:

Ebook version (via Amazon; readable on your PC, Kindle, iPad or iPhone).

Paperback (via Amazon; readable using your two hands).

Paperback (via Barnes and Noble)

Praise for ‘Xavier…’*

Awesome piece of shit. I would love to roll up this book and use it to stab myself in the heart.

– Stephen King

I say let’s have more stock stupid vampire characters! This book doesn’t have vampires! And more exclamation points!!!!!

– Stephenie Meyer

Incredible! Life-changing!

-Charles Manson

Group hug!

– JB Lazarte, the author

*Just kidding. But feel free to leave your own review here.



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    • @maan, the ebook version will be available for free download from Dec. 10 to 13 as part of an Amazon Kindle promo, you can enjoy that on your iPad, iPhone, PC or any Android tablet (best if you download the free Amazon Kindle app for convenience). the paperback version may be available locally early next year. 🙂

  3. somenolence28

    This should be in paperbacks… so we can buy a copy^^ not everyone here in Philippines owned a Kindle, Ipad, Iphone, etc., hehehe… so the less fortunate can enjoy it^^

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